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Built Without Code

Who is this Program for?


Go beyond the UI prototypes and actually build a working model of your design. Be a complete package.


Test your ideas on a smaller scale by launching prototypes fast. Expand and invest on what the customers pay for.


Increase your service offerings. Execute projects much faster. Attract high-ticket clients. 

Digital Marketers

Utilise advanced analytics to track user activity and manage funnels. Collect critical data without the need to write complex scripts from scratch.

Product Managers

Testing hypotheses have never been easier and more accessible. Take your product to the internet and let the whole world buy from you.


Why spend months to build software, when you can use a No-Code tool to quickly build a product and write code only to enhance its capabilities even further.
Save time and effort dummy!

Anyone interested to learn and apply No-code

No Pre-requisites required to start building your Websites or Mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

Generate inbound leads/ get clients
Let the investors find you
Builds your authority and creygh6590-[]
Build a strong PR organically
Guillaume Moubeche
CEO & Co-Founder, Lemlist.
Let companies discover you for jobs
Get freelance gigs/ make passive money
Stand out from other students
Get invited for speaking at events
Hitarth Saini
Marketing Head, MoneyTap
Generate Inbound freelance leads
Get international clients organically
Build your credibility as a freelancer
Get more replies from prospects
Princy Lalawat
Freelance Content Writer
Generate Inbound freelance leads
Get international clients organically
Receive Freelancing/ Part-time opportunities
Land international job opportunities
Aaradhya Vats
MBA Student
Build concrete credibility and trust
Get freelance gigs/ make passive money
Have conversations at scale using content
Enhance your visibility & authority
Sadaf Tahir
Corporate Trainer
Sales Professional
Find high quality active prospects
Get replies from your prospects for a change
Generate leads from content
Build your authority and credibility
Achyut Menon
MD, Options Executive

Why No-Code?

Hands-on approach to building a mobile app without writing a single line of code
Methodological approach towards building No-Code apps in 50% less time.
You will be able to attract better clients, who pay for the value and not for the hours.
Become a Swiss Army Knife, and bag higher paying jobs.
Be an independent professional.
You will be able to advice your clients on No-Code.

Unlock bonuses worth ₹15,000

Free No-Code Ebook

Get a comprehensive eBook on how to start with building Apps, Websites, Games & more - without Code.


Building Instagram clone guide

Learn how to build an Instagram clone without code.


What you can build after this program

Ed-Tech Platforms

Have a skill that you'd like to share with the world and earn money? Create a mobile app and teach whatever you want.

Social media apps

Create a social media platform and manage your own community, your own way.


Build a scalable marketplace platform like Amazon & Flipkart - without code.

Meet your mentor

Keshav Sharma
Hey! Keshav here. I'm a designer turned No-Code entrepreneur helping businesses save precious time and money, by building software without code.
I started India's first No-Code studio along with my bud Mayank 👉
We've mentored 12,000+ students and have built products for startups without code, that scaled to become unicorns later and helped them build their dream products, without ever learning to code. EVER!

Still not sure if No-Code is for you?

$935.2 Billion

Worldwide Mobile app revenue is expected to increase from $461.7 billion in 2019 to $935.2 in 2023 as well. - Statista

500 million apps

The number of applications businesses build will drastically rise. Between 2018 – 2023, more than 500 million apps will be created.

60 apps in 20 months

Businesses like Schneider Electric launch 60 apps in 20 months, with most delivered in just 10 weeks.

10x Faster

No-Code & Low-code can help businesses develop software 10x faster. - PeopleWho.Build

Register for No-Code Kickstarter Workshop for just ₹499 ₹1999
Starts December 23th, Monday at comfort of your home

What big media outlets like Forbes & HBR say about No-Code

Our students solve real world problems

Join the No-Code Kickstarter Program

₹499 ₹1999
💥 Unlock bonuses worth ₹15,000
Register Now for just ₹499 ₹1999
After the workshop, you will be able to
Get hands-on approach to building a mobile app without writing a single line of code
Build a website in under 10 Minutes with AI.
Attract better clients, who pay for the value and not for the hours.
Become a Swiss Army Knife, and bag higher paying jobs.
Be an independent professional.

Our learners have worked with

Get Certified!

Yes! You will be certified for this workshop on submission of your assignment.
Official and verified
Receive an instructor signed certificate with institution’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects.
Easily shareable
Add the certificate to your CV or your Resume or post it directly on Linkedin. You can even post it on instagram and twitter.
Career shifting
Use your certifcate to make life changing shift into No-Code industry and be future ready.

Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

We have tried our best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please email to: hi@growthschool.io ( Give us 6 hours to respond back) Our awesome support team will get back to you 🙂

What is No-Code?

“No-Code” tools are software development platforms that allow even non-technical people to build & deploy their own applications, without needing to write a single line of code.

Why shouldn't I just learn how to code?

It is great if you want to learn how to code. However, No-Code offers a range of benefits like speed to market, significantly lower time & cost commitments, & hey, it is a lot easier than coding.

Will I be working on a real world project in the course?

Yes, you will be building real-world projects.

I don’t have an idea that I want to work on. Can I still join the course?

Not a problem! We'll help you figure out ideas for your project if needed.

What are the timings?

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop on the top of the page.

I have a full time job, not sure if I can make it. What can I do?

You can write to hi@growthschool.io and the team will help you attend the next workshop.

Would there be any certificate on completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion.

Will I be able to make a lot of money after this workshop?

This workshop guarantees no income. The workshop is designed to get you started on your journey of building products without code. The skills you learn will help you in your professional & entrepreneurial life.

Do you have an affiliate program?

As of now. We don’t.

Can I download the videos?

No, you can only attend them at the given time.

I made the payment but didn’t receive any email.

Please write to: hi@growthschool.io and our awesome support team will get back to you in under 6 hours.

₹499 ₹1999
Offer ends in 00:00
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