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Nikhil Kant

Head of Brand Marketing
Angel investor
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Who is this program for?

Mid-Level digital marketing professionals
Working professionals (from data Analytics, Web, UX, Product)
Digital marketers & Marketing professionals
Marketing freelancers
Founders / Marketing agency owners
Digital Marketing Freshers
Social Media Marketers
This workshop is primarily for those who are beginning their journey in poetry, but those who have reached an advanced level can attend it if they want to be reminded of why they began in the first place!
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Reserve a seat before March 17, 2021 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹10,000

What will you learn in the course?

module 1
Understand ChatGPT and Become a Master Prompter
  • Understand how AI, NL and NLP work
  • Become skilled at using of ChatGPT, DALL-E Midjourney and other Generative AI tools
  • Introduction to Multi-Modal AI
  • Understand the various types of prompts, learn the right way to prompt, common prompting mistakes to avoid and pitfalls of Generative AI
  • Practice prompts hands-on for multiple Generative AI Models and become a prompt master
  • Save 10+ hours of your time every week while you apply your learnings live
  • Discover ways to boost personal and professional productivity with AI
  • Understand the pitfalls of Generative AI and how to avoid them
module 2
AI in Marketing and Content Creation
  • Overview of AI’s scope in Marketing
  • Use cases of AI Tools for different marketing channels
  • Identify your Target Audience, and build User Personas for your specific requirements
  • Cold Emailing hacks that can save you hours
  • Create Personalised Emails and setup A/B Testing Campaigns using AI
  • Discover how AI can boost your productivity by automating your workflows
module 3
Branding, Social Media & SEO
  • Personalize brand experiences for different users
  • Generate ideas for and build content for YouTube Scripts, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts and Podcast
  • Identify ways to automate gathering feedback and key insights from your TG Campaigns using AI
  • Analyze customer data to determine their preferences and offer personalized recommendation
  • Identify opportunities for content optimization
  • The ideal article structure, from the number of images included to the length of subheadings
  • Raise your brand's profile by analyzing competitor’s data
module 4
Performance Marketing
  • Build your performance marketing campaign using AI
  • Creating targeted ads that get the right people to engage at the right time
  • Become a pro at Website optimisation - Writing product descriptions, LP Optimisation, Optimising CTA
  • Optimize ad copy and design
  • Learn Google’s AI-Powered Performance Max
  • How to leverage AI-backed Chatbot for customer support
  • Increase your productivity by Analysing and Evaluating metrics using AI Tools
  • Use AI to automatically optimize ad spend based on real-time data

Here’s what previous mentees say about the program

Sonali Saraogi Singh
Founder & CEO, Feedsmart
As a founder it has helped me understand the meaning of brand, how to create and maintain it. Learnt a a-lot of interesting tools and campaign management.
G. Shyam Narayanan
I was able to understand how one should approach a brand strategy in the right way and all the required set of information that is to be worked with for achieving the best branding goal for a given brand and how a good brand strategy can take the brand a long way.
Abhisek Maharana
Through this program i learn the right way to do brand marketing and gave me a lot of confidence and knowledge to build and leverage the power of brand.
Deepak Sharma
Well, this program helped me in up-skilling myself and gave me a better insight and understanding of brand marketing.
Pooja Pant
Brand Manager at Suraasa
This program helped me understand the value of brand marketing, the do’s and don’ts of it, planning and executing marketing research & campaigns and so much more.
Visakh Dayanandan
Helped me with various Tools and frameworks, that no MBA school would teach me.
Manav Dugar
Head - Marketing Operations at Sutraz
The program was really good. The content way as per the current market and I have learned and unlearned a lot from the course. The assignments were fun and insightful.
It was a great experience learning from such a generous mentor like RV..
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You want transition into an in-demand and profitable career
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Empower marketing with Gen AI today for just ₹9,999 ₹19,999
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What you’ll get...

Gain expertise in prompting ChatGPT effectively.
Optimize ad spending and analyze data in real-time.
Create targeted ads and optimize webpages using AI.
Elevate your branding strategy with AI.
Learn from industry-leading mentors of renowned brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?
It's an Self-Paced program. Once you purchase the program you will get access to it within the next 5 minutes and you can watch all the videos at your own pace and also complete the assignments included in the same.
How will I access the content?
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Reserve a seat before March 17, 2021 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹10,000
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