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Why I decided to start a D2C Brand in 2016…

I was working comfortably in a private equity fund as an Investment Professional after I graduated from Brown University in the US. During the same, I understood the Indian consumer market and closely saw the growth of e-commerce in India.
But in the middle of all this, I lost my grandfather who cured me of Asthma when I was 16 through Ayurveda which made me a believer in science. He also left behind 150 years of Ayurveda legacy and passed down 100+ proprietary formulations.

I connected all the dots.


The natural products and yoga revolution in the US turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

That’s when Dr.Vaidyas came into existence

I quit my job in 2016 and decided to take Ayurveda to the world by going online and making it cool and appealing to 21st-century consumers while keeping all the benefits of Ayurveda alive in every product offer.


The growth of companies like Patanjali and Himalayas taking Ayurveda to the masses.


The mass adoption of e-commerce and D2C businesses by consumers in India.


The legacy my 6 generations had left behind and the promise I had made to take it forward.

But it was not as easy as I thought it would be...

•  I was clueless about building a business because I had never built one before.
•  D2C was still a new concept and making people purchase online was challenging.
•  I was doing everything myself in the beginning from a small cabin in my dad’s office.
•  Building a nationwide trustworthy brand demanded a lot of patience and hard work.
•  Hiring people who would work passionately for the business was even harder.
•  Most importantly, I didn’t have a mentor or a reference point to look up to while building Dr.Vaidyas.

While it took us some time, we figured our way out,

In 4 years, we successfully reached 1.5m+ consumers across 500+ cities and 16,500+ pin codes in India and launched 70+ products.
Making every decision by myself daily was only getting difficult which led to Trisha, my wife joining as the COO of the company.
Got Featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List and Business World 40 U 40 list and voted the Amazon Youth SMB of the Year.
Became one of India’s largest digital Ayurveda brands with >4,000 orders per day online and 1.5M consumers across the country.
The Blockbuster Exit
Dr. Vaidya’s finally got acquired by RP Sanjiv Goenka Group for a
valuation of more than 150 Crores – make it one of India’s first successful
D2C exits!
After we got acquired, this was the only question we got asked…

What's Next?

Since 2016 a lot has changed. The number of D2C Companies has grown exponentially and the market, in general, has matured faster because of the pandemic.

$100 Billion

Since 2016 a lot has changed. The number of D2C Companies has grown exponentially and the market, in general, has matured faster because of the pandemic.

$330M Buyers

By 2027, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 23 percent of retail sales worldwide.

18% Retail Sale

E-tail penetration in India is expected to scale from 4% to 18% of overall retail sales.
And after our conversations with many D2C founders and entrepreneurs, we figured while e-commerce is growing faster than ever, it’s still not the easiest nut to crack.
And so, we wanted to help 100s of early stage D2C founders grow their
brands faster
That's the reason we have built it!

The D2C Mentorship Program

A one-of-a-kind program where you learn from already successful D2C
founders with your peers under one single roof!

Who is this program for?

•  People who want to Startup in D2C
•  Early Stage D2C founders
•  Team members in D2C companies
•  Agencies/Enablers in the D2C ecosystem
•  Offline businesses who want to go online.
• Angels/Investors who want to invest in D2C

What will you learn?

Week 0

Kickoff Week

Learn exactly how to make the most out of this program in 8 weeks.
Get to know the people you are learning with through ice-breaker sessions.
Interact in the community and make friends to learn with for the next 8 weeks.
Week 1

Fundamentals of Building a D2C Business.

India is booming with opportunity, yet building a consumer brand here is a Herculean task. With a market of billion-plus consumers, one of the world's fastest-growing economies it is also the most difficult to navigate. Distribution has been one of the biggest challenges and online is here to solve this problem. This module talks about why D2C is such a big opportunity and why D2C brands have disrupted the ecosystem
Week 2

Understanding Everything about Product.

No brand is a brand without a product. What is this product? Why launch this product? How will it change consumers’ lives and why would consumers buy it? This module will cover the importance of a unique product and its attributes. 
Week 3

Powerful Brand Building from Scratch.

A brand is more than just a name or a logo. It stands for a being with a personality. Like you and me a brand does certain things and does not do certain things. A brand has beliefs and culture. Setting this up early on rather than keeping it fluid is very important
Week 4

Customer Acquisition & Marketing that works.

The biggest black hole for most D2C brands is cracking the right marketing strategy. When marketing consumer products in India 100s of millions of customers, unlimited budgets can be spent. Having said that, managing a focused marketing effort and stretching the dollar and resources to the maximum is critical.
Week 5

All about Sales, Website & 3P Channels.

Like an offline business has a retail store or instore branding, online brands have their own websites and 3P channels to display their brand. This serves as the point of discovery, landing, and eventual commerce, and thus, a great deal of effort and thought needs to go into each part of the experience for the end customer. Trust to get the customer to click buy is what brands need to focus on across both channels.
Week 6

Customer Retention & getting high LTV customers

A brand is nothing without its customers. The famous saying goes, “it takes years to get customers but seconds to lose one”. Thus, being customer-first should be at the bedrock of any consumer products organization. This section will explore customer focus, insights, service, and most importantly retention. 
Week 7

Everything you need to know about D2C Business Operations.

This is the backbone of any organization. Doing it right from day one will improve customer experience, inventory management and improve your bottom line. While it may be a tedious process, setting up daily and weekly reporting and SOPs is key
Week 8

Team, Culture and Hyperscaling

Now that you have all the basics you need to get your D2C brand rolling, get the fuel to super charge your D2C brand. Learn about building high power teams and a strong culture inside the organization that will help
you literally ‘hyperscale’ from 1 to 100!
Beyond 8 weeks...

It’s over? Nope!

While the program is done and you learned everything about building a successful D2C business, you will learn and build it together with other founders and stay connected for life through our community.
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Program Mentors

Arjun Vaidya

Ex-CEO of Dr.Vaidya's,
Angel & Venture Investor at Verlinvest
I quit my job in 2016 and decided to take Ayurveda to the world by going online and making it cool and appealing to 21st-century consumers while keeping all the benefits of Ayurveda alive in every product offer.

I am Arjun Vaidya. I am the Ex-CEO of Dr. Vaidya’s, an Angel Investor, and a Venture Investor at Verlinest. In the last 4 years, I built a really successful D2C Brand Dr. Vaidya absolutely from ground 0, made it India’s largest Ayurveda brand, and last year it got acquired for 100 crores making it one of India’s first successful D2C exists.

Trisha Rajani Vaidya

Ex-COO of Dr.Vaidya's,
Angel Investor, Advisor at GlobalBees
I quit my job in 2016 and decided to take Ayurveda to the world by going online and making it cool and appealing to 21st-century consumers while keeping all the benefits of Ayurveda alive in every product offer.

I am Trisha Vaidya. I am the Ex-COO at Dr. Vaidya’s. In 2017 I joined Dr. Vaidya to change the way people looked at Ayurveda and then I scaled it to 100 crores D2C brand which also got me featured in Forbes 30U30 and the company got many more awards like that. Now, I am also an active angel investor, a mentor for startups, and an advisor to GlobalBees and multiple D2C Startups.

Masterclasses by

Soumya Kant

Co-Founder, Clovia
Featured In

Shashank Mehta

Founder & CEO - The Whole truth foods
Featured In

Manish Chowdhary

Co-Founder, WOW Skin Science
Featured In

Aditi Shrivastava

Co-founder and CEO at Pocket Aces
Featured In

Ankur Gattani

VP Growth and Marketing, Webengage
Featured In

Vikas Chawla

Co-Founder and Director Social Beat
Featured In

Govind Shrikhande

Former MD of Shoppers Stop
Featured In

Dhvanil Sheth

Founder& CEO Skillmatics
Featured In

Bala Sarda

Founder, VAHDAM® India
Featured In

Ajai Thandi

Co Founder at Sleepy Owl Coffee
Featured In

Mohit Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO at BusinessOnBot
Featured In

Vibhor Sahare

CEO & Co-Founder - ANS Commerce
Featured In

Akshay Ghulati

Co-founder & COO - Strategy & Global Expansion
Featured In

Vivek Gupta

Founder, Licious
I quit my job in 2016 and decided to take Ayurveda to the world by going online and making it cool and appealing to 21st-century consumers while keeping all the benefits of Ayurveda alive in every product offer.
Featured In

Aditya Chintapalli

Co-Founder, BusinessOnBot
Featured In

Amit Monga

Co-Founder, ANS Commerce
I quit my job in 2016 and decided to take Ayurveda to the world by going online and making it cool and appealing to 21st-century consumers while keeping all the benefits of Ayurveda alive in every product offer.


Sukrut Rajadhyaksha
Head - New Products & Strategy - Abbott Nutrition
It was a fabulous experience! Learnt so many things in the past 2 months through course videos, great guest sessions, Q&A and an amazing peer community. Thanks a lot Arjun Vaidya & Trisha Rajani Vaidya not just for mentoring us but enabling the entire D2C ecosystem in such a big way!
Rajeev Sood
Director - Green Ripples Pvt. Ltd
This has been a great learning curve for us. Got to have eagle eye view of D2C business and simultaneously the micro level understanding of lots of subjects pertaining to the business.. many thanks Arjun and Trisha and growth school team for this lovely journey
Aishwarya Jarriwala
Co-founder at St. D’vencé
Highly highly recommended course for any Entreprenuer who’s in the process of either launching a D2C brand or has already launched one. Had a lovely experience throughout the entire 8 weeks tenure.Special mention to Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Rajani Vaidya for their incredible guidance and support. 🙌🏻
Durgesh Anand
Product Manager - PhysicsWallah
Great learning and amazing experience would really love to thanks super amazing mentors Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Rajani Vaidya who are helping us to become successful d2c entrepreneur !This cohort gave me alot of learnings which is finally helping me to build my own framework to launch a d2c brand would highly recommend this mentorship program to anyone who is looking to start anything in d2c space !
Leenen Thakkar
Associate Vice President - National Sales & Distribution at Tata Play Fiber
Guys, if you want to learn A to Z about D2C Business, then you've got to dial into A to T of D2C Business. That's none other that Arun & Trisha :-) kudos to you guys! Keep inspiring us.
Shazia Anjum
Founder - Weaves & Knots
Thank you Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Rajani Vaidya for creating such an amazing ecosystem. Tremendous knowledge sharing. Every module is so important with all practical inputs, A toZ about D2c business is covered. Most important both of them are so accessible and always there to guide and mentor the cohort members.
Udit Agarwal
Partner - Seeta Udyog LLP
Arjun's energy is infectious ! The knowledge and the support is unmatchable. I don't think there can be any other course that hits the nail right in the head. 100% Relevant and totally applicable.Thank You Arjun Vaidya and Trisha for the last 8 weeks of amazing learning !
Robin Chopra
Founder - Detoxie
I say B-School is passé, this was the real learning! Extremely happy to be a part of the cohort. A special shout out to Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Rajani Vaidya .. for all the budding entrepreneurs, this is a great great way to learn the do’s, dont’s from people who’ve done it successfully! If you’re looking to be be a D2C entrepreneur, you gotta be a part of one of the future cohorts!
Kinjal Darukhanawala
Former Founder - Wegan Foods
Very generous, kind and supportive mentors. Loved the course, the jamming sessions and live Q and A. It is nice to meet such humble folks from the ecosystem who want to give back and add value on an ongoing going basis. Also, absolutely amazing guest sessions! Thank you Arjun and Trisha and Growth School.
Aditya Dhar
Ecommerce Specialist
Had a awesome experience taking this Completely structured program from start to end, Arjun n Trisha have provided the best roadmap for moving any D2C brand. They are easily accessible and give us really good practical insights.
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The Community at the center

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Our D2C alumni community

Tamanna Singh, MD - Uberlux India
Founder - House of Wellness
Satish Negi
Founder & Director
Pipaltree Beverages
Vaibhav Lall
Founder - PixelPay Media
Vinod Kumar
Co-founder - Ayurlife
Sudhir C
Escure Labs Private Limited
Rajneesh Punj
Co-founder & Director
Hampa Wellness Pvt Ltd
Sachin Revankar
Founder - Inspireminds
Avinash Sharma
Shararat Ventures Pvt Ltd
Junisha Malkani
Sandip Kathiriya
Easysell service Pvt Ltd
Subodh Sharma
Co-founder - Pink Woolf
Priyabrata Das
Puneet Aggarwal
Founder - Nirogam
Ninad Rajendra
CMO - Cravova Food and Beverages India Pvt Ltd
Adil Qadri
Adilqadri e-commerce Pvt. Ltd.
Imran Khan
Founder - Hiara
Husaina Dewaswala
Owner - Kraft Cellar
Abhishek S
Business Administrator
MARS Cosmetics
Anish Tadimarri
Founder - Klearme
Dr. Ashok Sinha
Follicular Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the mentorship program start?
You can find the date of the mentorship program at the top of this page.
How much does the program cost?
If selected, you will get the opportunity to become a part of D2C Program and Community by paying the program fee of INR 30,000/- + GST.
Is this a completely live program?
No. This is a hybrid of on-demand content and live sessions. Every week you will get access to on-demand content. And you can get all your doubts and queries answered in the QnA sessions.
Do I have lifetime access to the content?
You will have access to the content for 1 year.
I have a jam-packed schedule and I am not sure if I can make it, what do you suggest?
You will have access to the on-demand content to watch whenever you want. You will only need to get into the live sessions but even if you can’t make it, we provide all the recordings. So, mostly we expect you to put in 3-4 hours a week to complete the program successfully.
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Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after you complete the entire program and all the projects.
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