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Learn from the industry expert who has managed brands like

Here's what people say about the course

Rahul Rohra
Marketing, Scitron
Ashita Modi
Founder, The Intelligible Works
Yatri Mahendra Patvi
Senior Digital Strategist, Dimerse India
Daryl Clayson
Creative Head, 360 Realtors LLP
Rocktim Acharya
Brand Designer | Ex-Inc42 Media
Ankit Taparia
Head of Marketing, Yulu
Prashant J. Gajjar
Senior Manager - Marketing & Sales, Teknoflow Green Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
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People we have trained work at :

Sai Ganesh’s Journey in the Marketing Space

From not being able to talk in english till I was 17 to be the youngest to represent India at the UN to then going on to give 200+ keynote speeches in 26 countries and building a cumulative audience of 1 million on the internet, it’s just the beginning!

With 14+ years of experience in the brand marketing space, Sai Ganesh is one of India’s brightest marketing minds.

He’s led & grown big brands with the right blend of creativity, innovation & strategy.

Start your journey
Completed Bachelors in Business Administration & Management @ Christ University.
Complete PGDBM, Marketing from IIM Indore
Joined TVS Sport, Bangalore as Brand Manager
Joined Zomato & led Growth & Marketing @Zomato Gold in 3 countries
Started working @Dunzo as the Brand Lead
Won 3 Awards @ Mad Over Marketing Awards 2021: Best Brand on Social Media, Best Campaign on Social Media, and best post on Social Media

Who is this Program for?

Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs
People buy from people. Leverage your personal brand to grow your business along.
CMOs & Marketing Heads
Strategize viral marketing campaigns & become an irreplaceable asset to your company.
Digital Marketers & Marketing Professionals
Accelerate your marketing career by applying these insider practical tips that get both the eyeballs & the conversions!
Social Media Managers
Incorporate these tips & techniques to build social media campaigns that get people talking about.
Brand Managers
Your much-awaited promotion is just one viral brand marketing campaign away!
Aspiring entrepreneurs and managers
Learn the ins & outs of building successful brands & use the exact system to create your own brands
Marketing Students
Want to become an in-demand marketer? Now is the best time to stack up those skills & kickstart your marketing career with real-life application.

Get Access to the Exclusive Community

In this program, there are marketing professionals and leaders at companies like Dunzo, Amazon Pay, Blinkit, Titan and more, who know the ins & outs of the online space and are there to guide you. Through this community, you can….

Community Accountability

Growthschool fellows collaborate on different projects, find opportunities to learn and grow together while keeping each other accountable.

Get your questions answered on LIVES

Participate in live Q&As, debates, and other healthy contests to drive home the learning.

Learn from world-class marketing leaders

Meet and learn from top rising managers, communication heads, brand strategists, founders from around the world.

Find freelance & job opportunities

The GrowthSchool community includes founders & entrepreneurs who are looking for talented individuals and might help access opportunities for jobs and freelance projects.

Meet Your Program Director

Sai Ganesh

Ex - Brand Head @ Dunzo

Sai has previously led and grown Zomato Gold (a Zomato premium subscription) in 3 countries.

With over 14 years of experience in the brand marketing space, Sai has worked across Startups, FMCG, Automobile & Lifestyle industries.

He has paved the way for innovation in the Social Media Moment marketing and Push Notifications world.

Worked with

Guest Mentors who have joined us in the past

Vaishnavi R
Shakti Shetty
Communications Specialist
Vaidehi Murthy
Copywriter/Social Media
Munz (Mithunraj) TDT
Creative Lead
Manish Khurana
Category Head
Vishal Nicholas
EVP- Brand Strategy
Akshay Surendra
Senior Marketing Manager
Sudeep Chawla
Marketing Director, Sargent Art Inc.
Varun Duggirala
The Glitch

Unlearn the outdated marketing methods to thrive in the digital space

This 8-week cohort based course will help you build successful brands using techniques that are working today! 
With the help of real case studies, you will learn the principles of brand marketing, viral marketing, pro-tips & hacks and measuring marketing impact.

Week 1

Introduction to Brand Marketing

What will you learn:

  • New Age Brand Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • First Principles of Social Media Marketing 
  • Brand Playbook: KYCCC: Know Your Consumer-Channel-Content
  • Metrics to Master
  • Leveraging Personal Brands
  • Case Study: What not to do with brand marketing: Lessons of failures at Dunzo

Projects you'll be doing:

  • Identifying Target Consumers:
    -Existing Power Users
    -New Volume Users 
    -New Imagery Users
Week 2

EPIC Social Media Marketing

What will you learn:

  • Secret Sauce of Moment (Topical) Marketing
  • Protip: Planning the unplanned
  • Hiring the right team
  • How to “Viral” & Creating FOMO
  • What to learn from Buzzfeed’s content
  • Metrics to track (incl. #1 North Star Metric)
  • Hacks for IG, Twitter, YouTube, Product/ PNs, Email
  • Processes to deliver success!
  • Protip: Zero Dollar Marketing
  • Case Study: 3 Viral Ads of Dunzo

Projects you will be doing:

  • Case Study: Creating a Social Media Calendar
  • DUNZO DAILY Campaign teardown
Week 3

Finding your Brand Purpose & Target Consumer

What will you learn:

  • Creating Target Consumer Personas
  • Recognizing Functional-Emotional Benefits
  • Finding Brand Tension: Pain-points & Insight mining
  • Which of the 12 Brand Archetypes is for you?
  • Optimal Channel Mix
  • Content Strategy framework (Channel-Content-Consumer)
  • Brand Purpose & Personality Islands
  • Values - Vision - Assets - Tone of Voice - Templates
  • Case Study: How the Idea Bank looks like for Dunzo

Projects you'll be doing:

  • Build your Target Consumer Persona Profile
  • Choose the Brand Archetypes for your brand & Competition brands
Week 4

How to CMO

What you'll learn:

  • Be the top 1% CMO
  • Hiring the right team
  • Building your Personal Brands
  • Processes for Creativity
  • Internal Storytelling to Stakeholders
  • Measuring Performance
  • Unpopular Opinions / Protips
  • Building a Consumer-first as Culture
  • What to read
  • Case Study: The 4 Weekly Meetings

Projects you will be doing:

  • Case Study: CRED Campaign teardown
  • Make 8 week plan for the 4 meetings Case Study
Week 5

In-house Brand Team vs. Agency

What you'll learn:

  • Pros & Cons
  • How to Hire for in-house team
  • How to hire an agency
  • How to Measure effectiveness
  • How to inspire & retain team
  • When to use an Agency?
  • Fail fast in Marketing
  • Offer Building & Ad Optimization Strategies
  • Building a Content Engine

Projects you will be doing:

  • OKRs for your team
  • List of agencies for various needs
Week 6

“Advertising is Dead” Unlearning Kotler’s Marketing

What you'll learn:

  • New rules of marketing
  • Frequency vs Quality
  • Brand mgmt vs CXO mgmt
  • In-house vs External Team
  • Authenticity vs Consistency
  • Performance Ads vs. Brand Ads
  • How to improve CAC with Brand

Projects you will be doing:

  • Analyze the most viral pieces content of the year
  • Writing Campaign Briefs
Week 7

Offline Marketing Mix

What you'll learn:

  • Offline Marketing: First Principles
  • Channel Mix Optimisation
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • Importance of Personal Branding
  • Hyper-Local Marketing
  • 360 Campaign Building
  • Protips: Influencer Marketing: ATL of Digital Marketing
  • Protips: How to choose Brand Ambassador

Projects you will be doing:

  • Offline Channel Mix: Channel hacks
  • Choosing Brand ambassador for your brand
Week 8

Marketing Campaign Breakdown

What you'll learn:

  • Campaign breakdown: Dunzo Daily launch Campaign
  • Create a One-page Marketing Plan
  • TG Persona ( Mapping out the Problem Statement, User Pain points, Insight, Solution, Value Props, Creative)

Projects you will be doing:

  • Campaign On One Page (COOP)
  • User TG - Pain-points
  • Create an Impactful ad
Beyond 8 weeks...

It’s over? Nope!

While the program is done and you learned everything about building a brand successfully , you will learn and build it together with other fellows and stay connected for life through our community.

How does the program work?

Learning online is not fun, engaging and interesting, and one-dimensional but here it is not like that.

8 Live Sessions

Saturday Evenings
Live Sessions to teach you, answer your questions and help you build viral brands.

8 Guest Sessions

Weekly sessions with leading founders, managers & marketing professionals. Get a broader perspective on each topic being taught in Live Sessions.

On-Demand Video & Study Material

This program uses a “flipped classroom” model. In a traditional classroom, you are taught the material live, in the form of lectures. Then, you do the homework on your own.

This program is the opposite.

Here you will get pre-study material curated by Sai Ganesh. The group Live calls is where the expert goes deeper into the topics and you can ask questions.

8 Jamming & Networking Sessions

Learn - Ask Questions - Discuss - Apply And network.

Every week, there will be a live session for you to discuss and share ideas with your peers, and jam on different projects so you can learn while having fun.

Community for Lifetime

You learn and grow best when you are surrounded by like-minded people:

Become part of a community where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations beyond work.

The Process?

Growthschool Brand Marketing Program is an invite-only 8-Week immersive cohort-based program with a life-long community to help you achieve your goals and build relationships.

Application  Process

Fill out the application form to apply for the 'Brand Marketing' Program

Application  Review

Experts review each application selecting only the people who are aligned with our goal and values. 


Successful candidates will receive an email.

Fellowship Kick-off & Onboarding

Welcome to the 8-week madness, to learn, and hit your goals.


Meet & network with your fellow angels


Celebrate your wins with the community

Ready to join?

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FYI: We go through every application very carefully and handpick each cohort member so make sure you fill in the right (and most detailed) information so that we can get to know you better via the form.
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What you’ll get...

Pre-recorded course material
8 X LIVE sessions
Access to a powerful community of top-tier marketing managers, and founders from around the world.
1 year access to all the course material.
Opportunity to connect with Guest Mentors who are disrupting the online marketing space
Exclusive passes to physical events and meetups in the community.

And bonuses too...

Book recommendations
Easier to comprehend references from beyond marketing & advertising
“Hacks you can implement tomorrow” for top 3 social media platforms

Here's what people say about Sai

Vikas Malpani
Co-Founder & CEO,
Leher App

“The best part of Sai’s Brand Marketing session was that at the end of it, we had a list of metrics we can now measure performance for team tasks. I would recommend this training for All Founders and All kinds of Marketers. The key highlight from the session was that we were able to get the team on the same page. Great job!

Vaishnavi R
The Nestery

Sai’s Brand marketing course was no-fluff, only-actionables kind of a session. After the workshop, we knew who our consumers were, who our non-consumers should be, who drove volumes, and who drove imagery. I would recommend Sai Ganesh to any founder or a marketer because it’s useful and a fun way to learn how to market your brand without spending money on IPL :)

FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

What happens after I apply for the program?
As soon as you press the ‘Apply Now’ button, you’ll be required to fill out the application form to apply for the ‘Brand Marketing’ program.

Our experts will then review each application to select only the ones who are aligned with our goal and values.

Once selected, you will get the opportunity to become a part of the cohort by paying the program fee.
How is this ‘Brand Marketing' program different from other marketing programs out there?
While it’s true there are plenty of programs out there all teaching you some form of marketing, let us tell you why this one is different.

The GrowthSchool Brand Marketing program is specifically designed to equip you with the latest brand marketing principles, tips that are working today.

You’ll learn #EpicMarketing from an industry leader with 14+ yrs of marketing experience. The one who has disrupted the marketing space and has successfully served brands like Dunzo, Zomato, TVS and more!
In one line, this program will guide you to build, grow and scale successful brands with new rules of brand marketing.
Why should I take this program NOW?
Traditional marketing is dead.

Marketing techniques that used to work in the past don’t work anymore, especially in the ever-evolving digital space.

Now is the perfect time to unlearn outdated marketing methods and learn how to growth hack your brand story to acquire new users and create a distinct brand voice to stand out online.
This program teaches you by deconstructing real-world case studies of viral brand marketing.
Is this a completely LIVE program?
No. This is a hybrid course with pre-recorded content and LIVE sessions. 

Every week you will get access to on-demand content. And on the LIVE calls, you can get all your questions answered in the Q&A sessions.
When does the program start?
The Brand Marketing cohort-course kicks off on January 7, 2023.
How much time do I need to set aside for the program?
GrowthSchool Brand Marketing program is an 8-week cohort setup that includes both pre-recorded course material and weekly LIVE sessions with the mentor and the guest speakers.

The LIVE sessions are approximately 90-mins long.

Apart from that, you’ll need to set aside 4-5 hours per week for 8-weeks as you’ll get projects to practically work on.
What is the schedule for the LIVE sessions?
The program has 8 live Zoom sessions with Sai Ganesh and other expert guest speakers.

LIVE sessions will be conducted every Saturday @ 5PM IST over the period of 8-weeks.

The sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes long.
What if I can’t make it to the LIVE sessions?
Growthschool Brand Marketing Program is designed to work with your schedule.

We encourage you to attend all the live calls so you don’t miss out on the “breakout rooms”, where you get to collaborate with fellow marketers & discuss in small Zoom groups.

However, if you’re unable to make it LIVE, you will get access to the session recordings within 48 hours of the call.
Do I have lifetime access to the course material?
No. You will have access to the content for ONE YEAR.