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This workshop is primarily for those who are beginning their journey in poetry, but those who have reached an advanced level can attend it if they want to be reminded of why they began in the first place!
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What will you learn in the program?

module 1
New age demand generation & content marketing models
  • What the B2B landscape looks like today
  • How the marketing organisations have changed to build customer trust
  • How to build a revenue marketing plan for your business
  • Prospect community and influencer marketing
  • LinkedIn live and events tech stack
  • What is an industry advisory board (IAB) and how to build one?
  • What is account based experience (ABX)?
  • ABX funnel and intent specifics
  • ABX workflow and Processes
  • The ABX Tech Stack
  • Content Marketing for B2B Businesses
  • How to pick the right content strategy archetype
module 2
Account based marketing (ABM)
  • What is Account Based Marketing?
  • Traditional Marketing vs Account Based Marketing
  • What is the ABM strategy focus
  • Key Objectives of ABM
  • The 6 step ABM Process
  • Supercharge ABM strategy with 6Sense
  • Prepare your target account list (TAL)
  • Intent specific approach to content
  • Campaign orchestration - high vs low touch
  • Measure account engagement and growth
  • Optimise your ABM strategy and scale
  • Prepare your target account list (Content Marketing for B2B Businesses TAL)
  • Account Based Marketing for a FinServ Firm!
module 3
Demand generation via thought leadership
  • The making of a great demand generation team
  • The metrics beyond MQLs, SQLs and SALs
  • Your next big demand generation campaign - an example!
  • The most common demand generation pitfalls and how to address them
  • A step by step process to define personas
  • The Demand Generation Framework
  • Converting and Optimising existing in-market demand
  • Lead Scoring
  • Demand Gen vs Lead Gen
  • Lead Gen via Thought Leadership - an example!
  • Your Demand Gen Tech Stack
  • Case Study : Offline Event for B2B business
module 4
B2B content marketing
  • Key elements of a successful content marketing campaign
  • Storytelling for B2B businesses
  • Example of AIDA, 4P and BAB storytelling
  • Where to find your next great content piece?
  • How to make users create content for you?
  • Content Marketing - B2B vs B2C
  • Building a content creation framework
  • Your Content Marketing Tech Stack
  • Integrating video in your content marketing strategy - why, what, how?
  • Prioritising SEO and SEM - how to start?
  • Content Marketing org structure
  • KPIs and metrics to track
  • Creating content clusters and topic profiles
  • UTM tracking for your content performance
  • Modern marketing model
  • Unlock data driven marketing impact
  • Examples of Video integration in your B2B Marketing Strategy
module 5
Industry advisory board (IAB)
  • What is an IAB and how does it fit into the larger VOC?
  • When and why to start an IAB program?
  • How do you select the right board members?
  • Step by step process to start an IAB
  • Agenda on IAB Days, Key Objectives & Meeting Prep
  • Examples of successful IABs
  • How to measure ROI
module 6
Build a career in B2B!
  • Skills that companies look for?
  • Which are the domains in B2B Marketing they you can get into?
  • Where to look for opportunities?
  • How to identify the right opportunities?
  • Guidance for interview preparation

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Difference between Traditional Marketing vs Account Based Marketing
Demand Generation via Thought Leadership
New Age Demand Generation & Content Marketing Models

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