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A 5-week cohort-based course to help you start & grow in your angel investing journey with a community of angels.

Abhishe Nag
Abhishek Nag
Invested In
Dukaan, MPL, My Gate, & more
Aakrit Vaish
Invested In PepperContent, Third Wave Coffee, & more
Justin Caldbeck
Invested In SpaceX, Uber, & more
Arjun Vaidya
Invested In TrulyMadly, MYFITNESS & more
kumar akash
Kumar Aakash
Invested In
Piggy, Polytrade, & more
Ankur Warikoo
Invested In
Fampay, JoshTalks & others
Sanjeev Kosaraju
Invested In
Aahish Tulsian
Invested In STAGE, Omnify Inc, & more
Application deadline
15 July, 2022
cohort STARTs
December first week

Learn from people who have invested in

Who is this Program for?

First of all - No, Angel Investing is not only for millionaires or people having experience in diverse industries 😑 Angel Investing is for anyone having enough capital and wants to create long-term wealth.

Founders & Entrepreneurs
Aspiring Angel Investors
Existing & Experienced Investors
Operators & Senior Executives
C-Suite Working Professionals
Anyone who is keen to learn about angel investing

Come for content but stay for the community,
A community that will fund the future.

Angel investing can be lonely. In our program, there are founders and operators at companies like SpaceX, Uber, KFC, Pepper Content and more, who understand your challenges and are there to support you. Through this community, you can get things like….

Get Opportunities & Collaborate for growth

Growthschool Fellows collaborate on different projects, find deal flows, co-investors, and carry out due diligence together.

Improve your investing knowledge

Jam together and refine your thesis and strategies to make better investing decisions.

Learn from world-class fellow angels.

Meet and learn from top rising managers, syndicate leads, and seasoned angel investors from around the world.

Launch your fund or syndicate

Launch a fund or syndicate with the support of people who have been there, done that

Learn from the expert

Abhishe Nag
Abhishek Nag

Partner - Lightspeed India 

Abhishek is a partner at Lightspeed India. Previously he was the Director of Business Development at Netflix, and before that, he has worked with Facebook, Uber, Hike and National Instruments. 

He is an Angel Investor in 40+ startups including MPL, Open, Teach mint, MyGate

Invested in
kumar akash
Kumar Akash

Principal - Matrix Partners India 

Akash is a Principal at Matrix Partners India and has previously worked as a Senior Vice President of Growth at Hotstar, ex-CSO and a 2 time founder.  

He is an angel investor in 70+ startups including Dukaan, Trell, Mosaic Wellness, Probo. Apps for Bharat, Goat Brand Lads.

Invested in

Meet your mentors

Aakrit Vaish

Co-Founder & CEO of Haptik.

Aakrit has invested in the following companies
Justin Caldbeck

Founder, Investor, and start-up advisor for the past 15 years.

Justin has invested in the following companies
Srishti Sahu

Managing Partner and Co-founder - Swadharma Source Ventures

Srishti has invested in the following companies
Ashish Tulsian

Co-Founder & CEO of POSist

Ashish has invested in the following companies
Ankur Warikoo

Founder -

Ankur has invested in the following companies
Arjun Vaidya

Founder @ Dr. Vaidya's

Arjun has invested in the following companies
Sanjeev Kosaraju

Growth @ Tyke

Sanjeev has invested in the following companies
Coming Soon
Justin Caldbeck

Founder, Investor, and start-up advisor for the past 15 years.

Justin has invested in the following companies

Program Overview

You will learn a step-by-step method from finding and evaluating deals, managing your portfolio to exiting at the right time, leading to unexpected financial opportunities and wealth creation.

Week 1

Introduction to Angel investing and Startup Investing Within Your Broader Investing Strategy

  • Reasons to get into angel investing
  • Reasons to not get into angel investing
  • Understand what to expect from angel investing
  • How much investment capital to allocate overall?
  • The power law of returns and how to win big without losing money
  • Understand Regulations and taxation around angel investing
  • Understanding what is better: Investing in India and investing outside India
Week 2

How to Source Deals?

  • Thesis based Investing: Boiling the ocean
  • Opportunistic Investing - Network-based investing
Week 3

How to Evaluate Deals?

  • Product, market, founder fit
  • Evaluating founders and founding teams
  • Evaluating markets
  • Evaluating the idea
  • Due diligence and research
  • The startup evaluation cheat sheet
  • Valuing start-ups and recent trends
Week 4

How to Manage Deals end to end and Liquidate your investment

  • Structuring instruments: Equity, Convertible debt, and convertible equity, SAFE
  • Terms you should care about
  • Understanding Angel investing platforms: AngelList, LetsVenture, Kulb
  • Understanding the whole Liquidation horizon 
  • Doubling down in subsequent rounds
  • Exit Strategies, Secondary Sale, IPO, etc.
Week 5

How to add value to startups and manage your portfolio?

  • Portfolio management
  • Assessing returns - key metrics
  • How to add value as an angel investor?
Beyond 6 weeks...

It’s over? Nope!

While the program is done and you learned everything about building a successfully Angel Investing, you will learn and build it together with other Investors and stay connected for life through our community.

How does the program work?

Learning online is not fun, engaging and interesting, and one-dimensional but here it is not like that.

5 Live Sessions

Saturday Evenings
Live Sessions are where Abhishek and Akash will teach you, answer your questions and help you build your angel investing systems. 

Topics include: Understanding angel investing fundamentals, sourcing, evaluating & cracking deals, portfolio management, and exit strategies

5 Guest Sessions

Weekly sessions with top Angel Investors to learn from different people and a broader perspective on each topic being taught in Live Sessions.

Become part of these sessions with top guests like Aakrit Viash, Justin Caldbeck, Aashish Tulsian

On-Demand Video & Study Material

This program uses a “flipped classroom” model. 

In a traditional classroom, the teacher teaches you the material live, in the form of lectures. Then, you do the homework on your own.

This program is the opposite.

You will get pre-study material curated by Abhishek and Akash. The group Live calls are a place to go deeper into those topics and ask questions..

5 Jamming & Networking Sessions

Learning alone online is boring & tough. 
So, this program is structured in a model: Learn - Ask Questions - Discuss - Apply

Hence every week, there will be a live session for you to discuss and share ideas with your peers, and jam on different problem statements so that you can meet people and learn together.

Community for Lifetime

You learn and grow best when you are surrounded by like-minded people:

You will be made part of a community where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations.

How it works?

Growthschool Angel Investing Fellowship is an invite-only 5-Week immersive cohort-based program with a life-long community to help you achieve your goals and build relationships.

Application  Process

Fill out the application form to apply for the Angel Investing Fellowship

Application  Review

Experts review each application selecting only the people who are aligned with our goal and values. 


Successful candidates will receive an email.

Fellowship Kick-off & Onboarding

Welcome to the 5-week madness, to learn, and hit your goals.

Build Relations

Meet & network with your fellow angels


Celebrate your deals with the community

What you get:

  • Access to a powerful community of angel investors, founders and people from top brands.
  • One year access to the pre-reads, curriculum, and training material.
  • Exclusive passes to physical events and meetups in the community.
  • Opportunity to connect with Guest Mentors who have invested in prominent startups.

Ready to join?

The cohort is going to start very soon, so join before it's too late.
FYI: We go through every application very carefully and handpick each cohort member so make sure you fill in the right (and most detailed) information so that we can get to know you better via the form.
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FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

What is this program about?
This program will help you accelerate your angel investing journey.

It will help you get tools, strategies, and techniques to diversify your financial portfolios by adding equity in private companies as an asset class.

It will help you make a difference in the once-in-a-lifetime movement that we are seeing with startups in India & around the world. By the end of the program, you will have a proven system for angel investing, multiple platforms to use for investing, a complete understanding of how to find, evaluate and manage your portfolio, and most importantly how to decide when to exit.
Why should I take this program now?
Now is the perfect time to start investing. The number of startups becoming unicorns is rising much faster than ever before. You are not too late.

The tools to find, evaluate and invest in startups have improved and changed dramatically in the last 5 years. You no longer need to be an industry- expert or a millionaire to do angel investing.

But it still requires some strategy, accountability, and support to go through all the steps needed to set up the systems and make it work for you.
In the future, we will look back at this moment and marvel at all the people who took advantage of this explosion of the startup and investing ecosystem.

This program is like a virtual investing group that not only keeps you on track with your goal but also everything else you need to get it out into the world.
Are there any prerequisites for this program?
This program does not have any formal prerequisites.

With that said, you will have the best results in the program if you can devote the time and energy needed to develop your investing acumen and systems.

The live calls and material provide a step-by-step roadmap to invest and grow your wealth. The more aligned you are with that goal, the better.
When do the live group calls & guest sessions happen?
The program has five live Zoom sessions with Abhishek Nag and Kumar Aakash and guest sessions with other experts across five weeks.

We recommend everyone to attend live calls, it’s energizing to see the entire angel body together as a group.

But program recordings and notes from the live sessions will be available within 48 hours for those who can’t attend live.
What if I can’t make the live sessions?
Growthschool Angel Investing Accelerator Program is designed to work with your schedule.

We encourage you to attend the all live calls, but it’s not a problem if you can’t.

The main thing you’ll miss is the “breakout rooms”, where fellow angels give feedback & discuss in small Zoom groups.
I’m not an entrepreneur, or senior level in my career — is this program right for me?
No, this program is not for everyone.

If you are someone who has over 10 years of working experience or has a net worth of at least 40-50 lakhs.

So, if you have ambitious plans for your future, this program is for you.
I run my own business, I’m a senior executive, or I’m already actively investing is this program right for me?
Perfect! We created this program for both kinds of people: someone who has already been into angel investing and someone who wants to start.

It’s the fastest way to implement the techniques. With bonus guest interviews and business-oriented advanced tutorials, it will help you reach your professional goals faster.
How much access do I get to Abhishek, Aakash and other mentors?
We can’t promise that they will reply to every single message, but they will be active during the live sessions.

They will answer questions, provide feedback, and share their private notes to address common pain points.
What deliverables will I walk away with?
This program is all about taking action.

It’s about giving you the foundation to accelerate your financial growth by angel investing. By the end of the program, you will know: 
1. How to build your personal network and source deals
2. How to assess a market, a business, and the founding team
3. How to carry Due diligence?
4. Understand different Funding instruments
5. How to allocate capital
6. And how you can be valuable to founders as an angel investor

Beyond the tangible items, you’ll also leave with new friends and connections from around the world. Growthschool alums are a growing and visible presence on social media around the Internet.
How much time can I expect to spend on the program each week?
At least 5-6 hours per week, for the 5 weeks of the program.

This program is a sprint, and you’ll be asked to execute things as well. The live sessions will be 90 minutes long.

They’ll take place on evenings (IST). We also offer bonus Guest workshops and Jamming Sessions throughout the program of five weeks. 
This program is created for ambitious and intellectually curious people, who want to create wealth through angel investing. The workload is intense, but you don’t need to take time off work to participate.

The program is designed to slot into your current life and schedule. With that said, you’ll need to block off time each week for focused learning, collaboration, and individual execution.

Growing up, your best teachers always pushed you harder than you would have pushed yourself. That’s what will happen in this Angel Investing Accelerator. Most online programs don’t lead to results because they ask for too little from their students.

But as you know, quick hacks and cheap tricks are ineffective. They don’t stand the test of time. This program is the opposite. There are no secrets or shortcuts.

Instead, the program offers a proven roadmap for angel investing. Discipline, consistency, and persistence is the key to success in the program.
Couldn’t I find this material online for free?
The Internet is littered with excellent advice about wealth creation and investing. With that said, the majority of what you find online is superficial.

It’s written by content marketers who are paid for mass appeal and quantity, not quality. Many of them are paid by the word, which means they have an incentive to rant and ramble.

Even if they give you the “right answer,” it’s not worth very much without the structure and support needed to implement what you learn.

Rather than spending years of your precious life searching for and reading those articles, you will find the best information distilled here into a coherent and actionable framework.

Better yet, you’ll have a community of angel investors who can support you emotionally and intellectually. By the end of the program, you will have a proven system for finding deals, evaluating, and closing them.
What’s included with the program?
This program takes place online, so no travel is required.

With your tuition, you’ll have lifetime access to all the pre-study material, recordings of the live cohort sessions, guest sessions, and a private online community where you’ll interact with your batchmates.

You’ll retain access to the program materials and community indefinitely after the program ends.