2-Week UX Design
Kickstarter Workshop

The Perfect Non-Textbook, Hands-On 2-week Workshop to Jump-start your Career
in User Experience (UX) Design for Beginners.
14 Days of
Full Hands On
2nd March, 2024
3pm onwards
Do It Along Sessions
Mini Project
09th March, 2024
3pm onwards
Instructed by
Anudeep Ayyagari
UX Design Mentor
Mentored Over 10k+ Students
Spoken at over 20+ design events
Reserve a seat before Jan 28, 2023 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹9,400

What the workshop offers?

In a Practical First approach, this is what you
10+ Hours of do-it-along sessions
Daily excercises
Session on Common UX Design Questions
10+ practical workbooks
Access into the Discord design community
Learn UX fundamentals
Low fidelity prototyping
High fidelity prototyping
Learn design thinking
Make your design case study
Business impact of design
Practice UI design

Full schedule of Workshop

Day 1
Kick-off call, 3-5 PM
Day 2 to 4
Week 1 Exercises (Part 1)
Learn by doing multiple tasks & exercises
Day 5
Session on Common UX Design Questions as a beginner, 9-11 PM
Day 6 to 7
Week 1 Exercises (Part 2)
Learn by doing multiple tasks & exercises
Day 8
UX Design Mega Webinar, 3-7 PM
Day 9 to 14
Week 2 Exercises
Learn by doing multiple tasks & exercises
Day 15
Grab your certificate, and get access to UX Design Workshop's Live Club
AI Tools 101 Workshop
Learn 10+ AI Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourmey to become more efficient as a UX Designer

How will this workshop help?

In every concept you learn, the approach I use would be to teach you in terms of 3 main things required in the approach I use for any UX designer today.

Who is this workshop for?

Graphic designers who want to transition into the UX Design field
Students who want to pursue a career in UX Design and just started learning
UX Designers who are just beginning and are looking for growth in the field
Product managers and Developers who want to gain UX Design knowledge

How does this workshop work?

In this hands-on workshop, you will start with a UX Design project right from 1st minute.
Attend the Do-It- Along Sessions
Do Exercises as You Watch
Learn from the community
Finish daily Assignments
Grab Your Certificate

In their actual words...

Experiences shared by people who previously attended this workshop
and many more heartfelt responses…. There is nothing more happy for me than seeing a smile on a students face after they learn something new.

Get the offer while it lasts!

What you’ll get…

Design a mini app with me on Figma in the do-it-along sessions
Non-textbook method: A tool learning hack to learn 10x faster
Learn design for Android and iOS screens.
Learn smart component based design: ultimate speed hack
Applying UX Principles while designing: Hands-on exercises
Learn how to drive business impact via UX design
And bonuses too…
Build an animated prototype with me in the do-it-along session: Amaze your friends
6 month access to Premium Growth School Design Community training course worth ₹3,000
UX Drill Exercises video course worth ₹ 2,050
Get a fully functional mobile App UI kit worth ₹ 1,550
My Secret UX Principles Course: Not just opinions, win by principles worth ₹ 2,800

UX Design Kickstarter Workshop

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Enroll now and get bonuses worth ₹9,400 absolutely free. There was never a better time to grab this course.
Enjoy the discounted price of ₹499 and save a total of ₹1,500.
The offer expires on midnight of: June 7, 2022
Note: No exceptions would be made beyond the offer expiry date. The prices would go up and no free bonuses


Get certified!

Yes! You will be certified for this workshop on submission of your assignment.
Official and verified
​Receive an instructor signed certificate with institution’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects
Easily shareable
Add the certificate to your CV or your Resume or post it directly on LInkedin. You can even post it on instagram and twitter.
Career shifting
Use your certificate to make life changing shift into UX or stay ahead in your UX career. Salaries are among the highest in the world.

Meet your trainer

“Why should learning be different from what you end up doing ?”

Anudeep Ayyagari, is a self taught
UX designer and a mentor.

His works have been also found on ICICI bank app, IndusInd bank app and SBI Pay, and HungerBox

Anudeep Ayyagari, is a self taught
UX Designer & a Mentor.

His works have been also found on ICICI bank app, IndusInd bank app and SBI Pay, and HungerBox

In the last 6 months he has mentored over 10k students and helped kickstart their design journey and conducted 100+ live sessions and mentorship lessons.

In the last 6 months he has mentored over 10k students and helped kickstart their design journey and conducted 100+ live sessions and mentorship lessons.

His vision is to contribute in the making of next one million highly valued designers from India.

Do you know?


Experienced UX designers earn an average of ₹19Lakhs per annum with over 10,000 job openings


UX designer was the 2nd most in-demand role for 2019 and continuing into 2020

2k jobs/m

In India alone, an average of 2,000 jobs are being created every month in the field of UX design


Freelance UX designers earn average of ₹5,000 ($70)/hr & the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere

Questions generally asked about the workshop

I made the payment but didn’t receive any email

Please write to : hi@growthschool.io, our awesome support team will get back to you in 24 hours.

When is the workshop?

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop on the top of the page.

What are the pre-requisites?

Common sense is the only pre-requisite for the workshop. Anyone with any or no experience in design can attend the workshop.

Why is the price of the program so less?

We built this GrowthSchool Experience to make it accessible to hundreds and thousands of people at scale.
To make that happen we had to solve this one big problem: Mentor’s availability and time.
Your mentors quite literally are in the top 1% of their industry which means their time is expensive as well as inadequate. The cost of running the programs instantly goes up if they keep teaching the same thing again and again.
That’s exactly why the GrowthSchool Experience is a perfect blend of both worlds. You get to learn from your favourite mentor with like-minded people in a stream at a lost of less than a pizza :)

Is this a completely live workshop?

No, it’s better! :)

Here’s what we mean :

This is an interactive GrowthSchool experience in which you will be learning practical concepts taught by your mentor.

You will be attending multiple streamed do-it-along sessions with like-minded designers like you, while participating in polls, answering thought-provoking questions, attempting quizzes, and doing many more exciting activities.

You will be joining the exclusive UX Designers community hosted by Growthschool, in which you will be posting your daily activities to receive feedback from your mentor & peers.

By the end of the value-packed workshop, you will have a roadmap to becoming a highly impactful UX Designer,

Would there be any certificate on completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion of the workshop. You must finish the given assignment to earn your certificate.

Will I get a recording of all the sessions?

The sessions are time gated for consumption and are the essence of the GrowthSchool Experience. Hence we won’t be providing recordings for the sessions. The idea is to remove procrastination completely and make you take action and completely watch the session & make the most out of it.

When can I receive the bonuses?

You will receive additional bonuses at the end of the workshop

Can I record the session for personal use later?

The content is owned by GrowthSchool. It is not allowed to record and use it for personal use. Doing so will lead to legal repercussions.
But here’s what you should do 😛
Our best learners usually take notes or create mind maps and share them with the community. So, if you want to revisit your learnings or see what was in the content of the session, just take notes and revisit them in the future.
Not only does it increase learning output also makes the overall learning experience much much better. Don’t believe it? Just try it :)

Why can't I watch it anytime I want?

Ask yourselves this simple question: How many online courses have you taken up to date? Out of them, how many did you actually complete?
Based on all our learnings and surveys in our community, the completion rate lies between 2-3%
Over multiple experiments and ideation, we figured out that giving people access to content is not enough. Making people consume and finish the session is the most important thing.It is of no use if you just register for sessions and never watch them. But with our tech, we are providing a rich interaction-led experience with polls, quizzes, and chats which have helped us increase completion rates of learners go from 2-3% to hit 90%
We believe in our community of doers, that’s what we take pride in.Hence, you can’t watch it anytime you want. You have to make up time, commit and complete it within that timeframe to reach your desired outcomes :)

If I miss this can I join the next one?

Yes, of course, you can! But you’ll have to register and pay for it again when it is scheduled to happen next. That’s exactly why we mention the date and time of the sessions clearly on the landing page and also send multiple reminders on WhatsApp and email so that you don’t miss out on joining the session.

Is it worth investing in UX Design workshops?

UX designer was the 2nd most in-demand role for 2019 and continuing into 2020 and experienced UX designers earn an average of ₹19 Lakhs p.a.
In India alone, an average of 2,000 UX Design jobs are being created every month in.Freelance UX designers earn average of ₹5,000 ($70)/hr along with the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.
Considering the above, this is the golden time to enter the field and is definitely worth investing in UX Design workshops

Do we need any paid tools for the workshop?

You need not purchase any tool, a free design tool Figma will be used for the workshop. You can create an account before the workshop begins

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